• forensic digital recovery
    Forensic Data Recovery We can recover your deleted and modified data with our latest technology....
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    Forensic Image Analyser Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) has been developed to tell you which device was used to create an image(s).... more »
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    Forensic Stepping Plate Create a pathway through the scene ensuring a methodical, clinical approach to the preservation and gathering of trace evidence.... more »
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    Mobile Phone Forensics Forensic Phone Analyser is an intelligence tool for working with telecommunications data in the form of social networks.... more »

Mobile & Cell Phone Forensic Software

Forensic Pathways™ is an award winning company, who have been at the forefront of forensic innovation for the last 12 years. Working with forensic professionals across the globe, we offer unique data analysis solutions in the areas of mobile/cell phone forensics and criminal intelligence.

Whether it is through the development of our Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA), the provision of Forensic Image Analyser for image forensics or the world’s first transparent  Stepping Plate for crime scene management, our ability to innovate and bring cutting edge technologies to our clients has led to us being the market leading forensic brand in the criminal and business intelligence sector.

Our Products and Services

Forensic Phone Analyser

Our Forensic Phone analysis software has been developed alongside law enforcement agencies to handle all data extracted from mobile/cell phones. The key to Forensic Phone Analyser is data aggregation, bringing all the information together in one place allowing faster intelligence gathering, and its interoperability with all data extraction software. Find out more here……

Forensic Pathways Product
Forensic Pathways’ product range covers the full spectrum of forensic disciplines including crimes scene investigation kits, evidence collection kits, theft detection kits, evidence casting, fingerprint kits, drug testing kits, through to the world’s first transparent forensic anti-contamination stepping plates/tread plates.

Forensic Image Analyser

Forensic Image Analyser allows the identification of suspect devices, and potential links between groups of photographs, based on analysis of thousands of digital images. Our FIA product will work with all the world’s digital cameras and 75% of mobile/cell phones including the latest smartphone and tablet images. Find out more here……

computer forensics and recovery

Forensic Data Recovery
We specialise in the development of unique software and computing technology with sound investigative practices. Forensic Pathways offer clients a robust and comprehensive computer forensic service. We use the latest techniques and technology for safely recovering data and evidence from computers, mobile phones and devices.

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  • FPA – Free Trial Download


    New features released in the latest FPA version 2.2.1:
    Release Date: January 2013
    Expanded search functionality

    Security (Multi-user version only)

    Auditing (Multi-user version only)

    Data management

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