09 Feb

Preservation is Paramount

“The important thing to remember is that forensic science begins at the crime scene, and it’s all going to be lost if that area of the crime cannot be properly preserved.” – Richard Saferstein (Former Chief Forensic Scientist)

The basic principle in CSI is that “every contact leaves a trace” – as such, here at Forensic Pathways, we understand that preserving the integrity of a crime scene is absolutely imperative when conducting CSI.  The Forensic Science Regulator has specified the importance of scene preservation, citing the use of crime scene stepping plates in order to reduce the risk of contamination at the scene whilst maintaining accessibility. Here at Forensic Pathways we combine industry practice with innovation; the result? The WORLD’s FIRST transparent crime scene stepping plate, designed and created by CEO Deb Leary, OBE.

Allowing CSI personnel the means to navigate a scene without jeopardizing the evidence, our transparent crime scene stepping plates fit the bill perfectly, allowing scene accessibility whilst maintaining complete visual awareness.

You can find out more about our industry-defining stepping plates here: http://www.forensic-pathways.com/clear-anti-contamination-stepping-plates/


Our multi stepping plate kit (MSPK), complete with both Standard Stepping Plates and Stair Stepping Plates

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