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Forensic Pathways™ is an award winning company, who have been at the forefront of forensic innovation for the last 12 years. Working with forensic professionals across the globe, we offer unique data analysis solutions in the areas of mobile/cell phone forensics and criminal intelligence.

Whether it is through the development of our Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA), the provision of Forensic Image Analyser for image forensics or the world’s first transparent Stepping Plate for crime scene management, our ability to innovate and bring cutting edge technologies to our clients has led to us being the market leading forensic brand in the criminal and business intelligence sector.

A few of the organisations that have placed their trust in us:

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Why Choose Forensic Pathways?

We have a unique set of colleagues within the company, from Forensic Product Specialists, to Software Developers and Coders, to Psychologists, DNA experts, Forensic Evidence experts, to Business experts. All of whom have one thing in common, they see that forensics is all about discovery, about the story, and that the only way to really be successful is to work closely with client to understand their mind-set, their ways of working and their ultimate goal.

A collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and Forensic Pathways has successfully led to the development of FDX – a software solution designed by users, for users, to ensure that the
Eddie Fisher Digital & Electronics Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police
ALIAS brings together the latest cutting edge 3D photonics and surface measurement technology the world has ever seen to forensic ballistics; a major step forward in science and technology.
Professor Liam Blunt UK Centre for Precision Technologies

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