23 Oct

European Women in Leadership Biannual meeting at the French Parliament, 22nd Oct, Paris

European Women in Leadership Biannual meeting at the French Parliament, 22nd Oct, Paris

On October 22 Claude Bartolone, President of the French National Assembly, will host a much-awaited WIL biannual meeting. Together with members of the Washington-based Global Women’s Innovation Network (GlobalWIN) and a high-level international audience we will discuss the topic of balance between transparency and privacy in the Internet era.

Among our distinguished speakers can be cited: Maureen Ohlhausen, US Federal Trade Commissioner; Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Senior Executive Vice President, Orange France and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, France Telecom Group; Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Research Director at INRIA; and Sophie Pedder, Paris bureau chief of The Economist.

Almost a hundred high-level women are expected to participate, including CEOs, executives, European high civil servants, policy makers and academics, WIL Women Talent Pool Program participants, as well as an American Global WIN delegation and a Pink Shoe Club’s delegation (an exclusive women’s network located at the House of Lords).

The emergence of disruptive information technologies in the past few years has accelerated the flow of data, and determined a more intelligent, clear-cut way of collecting and circulating information. These new practices had some unexpected consequences, from the most sensationalist rows (News of the World), to business choices influencing users’ privacy (Facebook), to tensions at the highest diplomatic levels (Wikileaks). These situations clearly show that concepts of transparency and privacy are being redefined, and that an in-depth reflection on the ‘right’ way of using data should be an important part of this process.

For more information go to: http://www.wileurope.org/articles/Details/WIL-biannual-meeting-at-the-French-Parliament

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