15 Feb

Lights, Camera, Evidence!

Since Alphonse Bertillon’s early 20th century photographs of homicide victims in France, the role of photographs in crime has grown exponentially, and the benefits of images in investigations can be monumental.


Alphonse Bertillon used his metric photography system to photograph the murdered corpse of Madame Langlois on April 5, 1905

Images can play an integral role in criminal investigations, and given what a photograph may contain, it is imperative to explore imagery in order to reveal any evidence that may be crucial in solving a case. The use of Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) can greatly enhance the ability to exploit digital images and help grasp the uncovered information it may hold, for example by linking an image with its source device, thus transforming a photo into empirical evidence.

This ground-breaking technology has already had a big influence on the way in which evidence is approached, with Forensic Pathways collaborating with the Paedophile & On-Line Investigation Team (POLIT) of Sussex Police.

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In June 2014, Forensic Pathways was approached by Sussex Police for help in investigating the activities of Lee Mathews. The Company’s technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ was used to identify that the digital images on Matthews Apple iPhone had been taken by that device, as opposed to being sent to it or copied. Matthews had until that point denied that the video on one of his phones showing sexual activity with a child had been created on that phone. Through the use of Forensic Image Analyser (FIA), Forensic Pathways was able to show that the videos had indeed been created by Matthews’ iPhone, resulting in the successful conviction of the accused.

The ability to link digital imagery with its source device can act as a massive deterrent to offenders and help combat child sexual exploitation, enhancing the welfare of vulnerable children.

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