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ALIAS Forensic Ballistics collaborating with Forensic Pathways

ALIAS – the next generation of forensic ballistics – attracts EU distribution, technology licensing and product collaboration deal with respected UK criminal and business intelligence company Forensic Pathways

Contract signing at British High Commission in Ottawa, Canada marks first step in powerful alliance between Pyramidal Technologies and Forensic Pathways

Richard Leary & Ardavan

Left to right:  Richard Leary, MBE, Managing Director, Forensic Pathways Ltd, UK and Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies Ltd

Ottawa, Canada – May 31, 2013 – Thanks to help from UK Trade & Investment, Pyramidal Technologies Ltd., creators of ALIAS, the next generation in forensic ballistics, has inked a strategic agreement with Forensic Pathways Ltd. Signed at the British High Commission in Ottawa, the agreement covers ALIAS product distribution throughout the European Union (EU), technology licensing, and ongoing collaboration to advance the state of the art in crime scene innovations that help solve gun crimes on both a national and international scale. The companies estimate that the market size within EU countries for this technology is $250 million.

ALIAS builds visually rich 3D cartridge case and bullet images, then provides powerful tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, adjustable light source illumination and axis orientation. Its product roadmap will now include proprietary image processing technology from Forensic Pathways created by that company’s multi-disciplinary team of computer science, optics, mathematics and photonics experts. Forensic Pathways’ unique software solutions in the area of criminal and business intelligence are patented in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. The company’s diverse client base includes top-level security agencies such as EUROPOL, New Scotland Yard and many other security organisations and private companies across Europe.

Forensic Pathways Managing Director Richard Leary, MBE, conceived the ODYSSEY project. The project, which ran from 2008 to 2011 and reported directly to the European Commission, involved research on the sharing of information about gun-crimes throughout the EU in order to combat organised crime and terrorism.

 “When we saw ALIAS in action, we immediately noted the synergies between our technologies and were thoroughly impressed by ALIAS’s capabilities. After further due diligence, we then quickly undertook to secure distribution rights to introduce ALIAS to security organisations thoughout the EU,” said Leary. “We will also be integrating our advanced image search technology to further improve ALIAS, and have identified several future possibilities to bolster ALIAS with newer technologies we are currently commercializing.”

Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies, is thrilled with the market expansion and technology collaboration plans underway with Forensic Pathways. “I have long admired Forensic Pathways’ software expertise as well as its long history as a trusted partner to European security organisations and we see many opportunities to incorporate its software to establish unambiguous and unequivocal gun crimes evidence for prosecutors,” he said. “I can’t think of a better partner to advance the cause of ALIAS in the European market for forensic ballistics systems.”

UKTI & High Commission

Left to right:  Brendan McManus, UKTI Trade Officer; Corin Robertson, Acting British High Commissioner to Canada; Richard Leary, MBE, Managing Director of Forensic Pathways Ltd; and Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies Ltd

ALIAS Product Description

ALIAS is a full 3D imaging, correlation, visualization and confirmation system that builds visually rich 3D cartridge and bullet images, then provides powerful software tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and adjustable light source and axis orientation.

ALIAS image data is captured by the world’s finest Swiss-built, application-specific interferometer, then processed with a thoroughly modern 64-bit computing and application architecture that rapidly defines 3D data with patented algorithms and methodologies.

A human hair measures approximately 100 microns wide. ALIAS’s 3D cartridge images offer resolution of 2 microns, or 1/50th the diameter of a single human hair. This unsurpassed level of accuracy produces infinitely better results that vastly reduce the time it takes firearms examiners and technicians to complete their analysis.

To save even more time, ALIAS’s straightforward three-step imaging/correlation/confirmation protocol promotes simple operation, quicker ramp-up times, and less margin for error. ALIAS also allows law enforcement agencies to easily export 3D scans and associated demographic data to other visualization packages or departmental systems to ensure maximum compatibility with present and future systems in use by other agencies around the world.

More than the technology is revolutionary. Starting at $135,000 for its Data Entry Station, ALIAS is aggressively priced against competitive offerings. Pyramidal Technologies is taking ALIAS orders now with a three-month delivery time. Five annual support cost options range from zero cost for law enforcement agencies with available IT resources, to platinum coverage that includes 24/7 support and two-hour response time.

About Pyramidal Technologies Ltd.

Pyramidal Technologies Ltd. is an advanced technology company dedicated to transforming the forensic ballistic imaging industry with ALIAS. As a market-driven organization with a proprietary technology base, the company’s goals are to establish a new standard in forensic ballistics imaging and identification, and to be proactive around shared interests, purposes and values in delivering solutions that can support civil societies. For more information, please go to www.pyramidaltechnologies.com.

About Forensic Pathways Ltd.

Forensic Pathways is an international award winning company headquartered in the UK with an international distribution network, including an Australasia office based in Perth, Western Australia.  The company specialises in the development of unique software solutions in the area of criminal and business intelligence.  Its client base is diverse, providing technology and services to the security and law enforcement markets, along with governments, lawyers, finance industries, banks and insurance groups.  It holds a number of Patents within Europe, the US and Australia and has won a number of awards for innovation culminating in the Orange National Business Awards 2009.  It is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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