24 Sep

Forensic Pathways are delighted to announce its official support of the Dot.Com Children’s Foundation

Forensic Pathways are delighted to announce its official support of the Dot.Com Children’s Foundation, announced at the recent Association of Superintendents’ Conference. Forensic Pathways has made a commitment to supporting the charity, promoting the fantastic work the charity does in empowering children to practice positive values and make safer choices in life.

The Value Versus Violence Education Programme has been developed to provide children with an awareness of risk and risk management and is supported by the Home Office. The programme is intended to be a continuing journey throughout childhood, beginning from when the children are 5 years old, and continuing into their teenage years. The lessons cover the most difficult and sensitive issues that face children and give pupils the skills to know how to ask for help.

The primary school children are given age compatible journals to work through in class, usually with their teacher but sometimes with input from partnership agencies. Each journal is accompanied by a guide for the teacher or lesson provider. The secondary school education package is accessible on line and entirely free of charge at www.vvvuk.com..

The Dot Com programme of work covers all aspects of PHSE and with great depth, looks at aspects of PREVENT, radicalisation, child exploitation, e-safety and rights and responsibilities.

As part of Forensic Pathways support the Company is delighted to sponsor the forthcoming Inspiring Children’s Award 2016.  The event is being held at Aston Villa Football Club on the 3rd June 2016 with nominations opening on the 1st November 2015.  So if you know of a child that inspires you, please go to http://dotcomcf.org/news/inspiring-childrens-awards-2016

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07 Sep

Winners of Digital Forensics of the year Award 2015

fpawardForensic Pathways is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Digital Forensic Award 2015 by Forensic Insider and Security Insider Magazine. This is the second time the Company has won the Award. The first time being 2013.

Its path-breaking endeavours have led to the company winning a variety of awards both for itself as a whole and also for its innovative technologies, culminating in the Digital Forensics Award 2015 awarded by Forensics Insider and Security Insider magazines.

According to publications’ judging panel, the cutting edge technologies being offered by Forensic Pathways was particularly impressive. The panel said that the company not only catered for the criminal side of things but also the business intelligence side. It further said that the judges unanimously agreed that the range of technologies offered by Forensic Pathways was the best in the sector.

Low-ResForensic Pathways 3Speaking on the win, Ben Leary says: “We are absolutely delighted. Winning the award is testament to the progress Forensics Pathways is making in the world of digital forensics. It shows that we are driving forward in the right direction and, more importantly, that we are providing a solution to a number of problems previously uncatered for.

“Winning the award is also an affirmation from the industry that what we have created has a real value. It affirms we have a created a strong base on which to move forward.”

He believes that the versatility of its product portfolio and the uniqueness of its cutting-edge technology would have definitely contributed towards the win.

“The fact that a large number of law enforcement agencies are incorporating our technology into their policies on a global level is a great indication that what we are doing is helping redefine how crime is combated, and helping implement new methods that can help law enforcement deal with a variety of threats including cyber.” 

Forensic Pathways has also seen much success in the provision of Due Diligence and Fraud Investigation Services to the public and private sector. Working with large international corporate clients has been one of Forensic Pathways many successes.

Ben Leary says “We carry out due diligence to mitigate the risk of partnering with an individual or business whose existing or previous activities or relationships may cause legal, regulatory, reputational or financial damage. Our Fraud Investigation service enables fast collection and analysis of evidence to ensure that crucial decisions can be made to stop further losses and reverse engineer the process to make sure lessons are learnt and new procedures put in place to avoid repeat occurrences. Our technical ability in terms of developing algorithms to ask the right questions of data, coupled with a sound ability in digital forensic data recovery, linked with sound investigation skills ensures the Company is able to offer a complete package. Understanding how to get to the data, how to analyse the data and make sense of that data is a core strength of within team.”

“I also believe that we reflect an ethos of doing ‘good business’. We want all our stakeholders to feel valued and feel that they are getting value. Trust, integrity and a commitment to helping shape the future of forensics globally for the protection of others is hopefully what has come through. It is certainly what we aim for.”

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07 Sep
11 Mar
09 Feb

Dr Richard Leary invited to attend 16th edition of SIFTECH

Dr Richard Leary invited to attend 16th edition of SIFTECH



Since its launch in 1995, SIFTECH has developed into an important event exhibiting the future direction and development of technology. The 2015 International Exhibition of the Future of Technology will see Algiers host the 16th edition of SIFTECH.

Placed under the patronage of the Minister of Post and Information Communication Technology, the 16th edition of SIFTECH will gather national and international businesses and stakeholders operating in the field of emerging technologies of information and communication. Attendees will be invited to observe the approach to strengthening telecommunications infrastructure and securing data and networks.

Dr Richard Leary MBE, Managing Director of Forensic Pathways, has been invited to attend the event which is focused on Data and Network Security. Dr Leary will deliver a speech about cyber security, including the direction of the cyber security industry as well as the use of new technologies used to enhance cyber defences, such as FPL’s Forensic Image Analyser.

The event will take place between the 24th – 26th February in the Palace of Culture, Alger.

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21 Jan

FPL invited to UKTI Defence & Security Organisation’s New Year Event

Dr Richard Leary MBE, Managing Director of Forensic Pathways, has been invited by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to join Lord Livingston and Phillip Hammond in attendance of the UKTI Defence & Security Organisation’s New Year Event.

Forensic Pathways has been recognised for its contribution in the development, trade and export of cyber technology, such as Forensic Image Analyser© and its commitment to the further evolution of internationally deployed ballistic equipment.

Through successful collaborations, Forensic Pathways has introduced a number of cyber defence technologies to foreign markets, and is looking forward to another year operating at the forefront of Digital Forensics.

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09 Jul


Not only has Forensic Pathways developed a new technology that can detect which cell phone, camera, camcorder or scanner created which image or video the company has secured the world’s first criminal conviction of a paedophile based on this new technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ (FIA) which detects a unique signature created by every silicon chip. Forensic Pathways provided FIA technology and expertise to the Paedophile & On-Line Investigation Team (POLIT) of Sussex Police and convicted a man of serious sexual offences.

Lee Matthews, 32 of Howard Close, Hailsham, appeared at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday 8 July and was sentenced to a total of 9 years imprisonment having admitted a series of child sex offences.

Lee Matthews (above photo) sentenced to 9 years

In June this year, Forensic Pathways was approached by Sussex Police for help in investigating the activities of Lee Mathews. The Company’s new technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ was used to identify that the digital images on Matthews Apple iPhone had been taken by that device, as opposed to being sent to it or copied.  Matthews had until that point denied that the video on one of his phones which showed sexual activity with a child had been shot on that phone. Through the use of Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) Forensic Pathways was able to show that the videos had been created by Matthews on his iPhone.

Richard Leary, Managing Director said ‘We are pleased to have been able to assist Sussex Police and the team and to help secure a conviction in this case. In using Forensic Image Analyser we were able to identify that the images on the device were indeed taken with that device and in so doing prevented a young child having to go through the additional trauma of giving evidence in court. The suspect pleaded guilty.’

Forensic Phone Analyser (FIA), a patented technology, is also being used by Interpol where it is working to enable investigators to compare one image against 20 million images in under 3 seconds.  All in the fight to bring to justice those carrying out child abuse not only within the UK but internationally.

Detective Smith of POLIT said ‘We understand that this is the first-ever conviction obtained using this technology, which provides law enforcement with an extra option to help detect offences of any kind in which the source of digital imagery is an issue.  The assistance of Forensic Pathways was invaluable’

Matthews was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life and was served with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).


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05 Mar
19 Dec

Clarity Intel awarded the ‘Digital Forensics Award 2013-14

Forensic Pathways is delighted to announce that it’s Clarity Intel division has been awarded the ‘Digital Forensics Award 2013-14. 

View the PDF version >> Clarity_Intel_award

It is with great pleasure that we announce CLARITY INTEL has been singled out to receive the Digital Forensics Award for 2013, an independent Award programme recognised both in the UK and abroad. This Award is sponsored by the Forensics Industry E-Mag, a forward-thinking publication that created the Award Scheme in order to recognise companies that have made an outstanding contribution to their particular field.

Receiving the Digital Forensics Award 2013 serves as a milestone for Clarity Intel and forms the final piece of the jigsaw that confirms the Company’s success.


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17 Oct

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