Take a proactive approach to brand perception with Forensic Pathways


Forensic Pathways understands how long and how expensive it is for a business to build up a successful, reputable brand. The last thing that any business wants is for their brand to be tarnished by negative reviews, cyber breaches or fraudulent activity.

Unfortunately brand misuse and counterfeiting is prevalent and is a real problem for brand owners as it has a direct impact on a company’s reputation and revenue.


Clarifyi has developed a brand protection service that analyse both the open and dark web pro-actively to alert on how the brand is performing compared to competitors and what the perception is of the brand from a reputational standpoint.

Social Media Analysis #UnderstandTheChatter

Clarifyi monitors social media channels to track what people are discussing about a company online. Such sentiment analysis is essential when managing an organisations brand reputation.

This information can be utilised to help improve brand perception and customer service in a pro-active way.


Clarifyi work in collaboration with lawyers to ensure that any brand infringement,
counterfeiting or misuse can be taken down promptly. This service enables brand owners to take back control and should be part of every businesses brand protection strategy.