05 Feb


On ‘Safer Internet Day’ Forensic Pathways are delighted to announce that we, along with our strategic partners, Videntifier Technologies, based in Iceland, have been elected by Interpol and the European Commission to provide a new state of the art technology to help combat the sexual abuse of children as part of the ‘Safer Internet Programme’.  Criminal activities on the internet have increased significantly during the last decade, not least the sharing of and selling access to videos and images of sexually exploited children.  This 3 year project is supported by the Safer Internet Programme and serves three main actions required by Law Enforcement involved in child abuse cases:  victim identification, the enforcement of laws on the possession and distribution of child abuse videos and images, and an increase in detection power of child abuse content on networks.

Both companies have developed unique technologies in the field of image and video forensics and it is the bringing together of these two technologies which forms the basis for the forthcoming Interpol project.  Forensic Pathways patented technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ has the capacity to identify the actual camera or mobile phone that created a digital photograph and to also identify whether two or more digital images were taken by the same camera or mobile phone.  This technology which has already been used by agencies both in the UK and internationally has a significantly diverse range of applications from the investigation of child sex crimes through to terrorism, or issues relating to espionage and copyright theft.

Videntifier Technologies as part of the project will supply video and image identification technology that helps police authorities to find relations between individual video and image files by comparing their visual content.  In this way Interpol members will be able to automatically compare images across borders, processing 80,000 hours of video content or 20 million images at effectively instant speeds.

One of the Projects expected impacts on the global fight against child abuse will be an increase in the number of children rescued from situations of sexual abuse and more offenders brought to justice.  Furthermore, the project will reduce the number of hours investigators have to watch material in the process of investigation and therefore reduce prolonged exposure to potential damaging material.

The project also serves the internet industry enabling the industry to check image and video content uploaded to their servers against the Interpol reference database, thereby leading to a serious reduction in the distribution of child abuse material.

Ben Leary, Director of Global Operations for Forensic Pathways states ‘This project shows the power of collaboration across industries and across borders.  As a company we are committed to developing new technologies that are focussed on protecting the most vulnerable member of our society and we know that the best way to do this is to work collaboratively with other companies and relevant stakeholders.  It is fantastic that we have the opportunity to do this with our strategic partners in Iceland, Videntifier Technologies and that we are being entrusted to do this by Interpol’

This project follows on from a joint agreement signed between the two companies in 2012, the global significance of which was highlighted by the presence of the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and the UK ambassador to Iceland, Ian Whitting, both of whom witnessed the signing of the agreement between the companies.


For further information contact:

Ben Leary, Director of Global Operations            Deb Leary, OBE, FRSA

Email:  ben.leary@forensic-pathways.com          Email:  deb.leary@forensic-pathways.com

Tel: 01827 255170                                                  Tel:  01827 255180

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05 Feb

Names Not Numbers – A private ideas festival

17th-19th March Aldeburgh – Thorpeness – Snape

The next Names Not Numbers will take place over two days and nights in the iconic coastal town of Aldeburgh, Suffolk for a series of provocative short talks, panel debates, films, entertainment, fine dining and beach ‘walking workshops’. Invited participants will hear historian Simon Schamagive a History masterclass; actor Tom Hollander discuss being “Rev” and a Hollywood Hearthrob; philosopher A.C. Grayling on God; novelists Esther Freud and Aminatta Forna debate Creativity; hear David Aaronovitch debate neuroscience, Gavin Esler, Susie Orbach, SONY’sAndrea Wong and Bloomsbury’s Editor in Chief Alexandra Pringle talk content, and watch Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith reunited on a stage after LiveAid to discuss – what else? Rock ‘n Roll.

Deb is part of the business panel and you can see her at 8am on Monday 18th March.

Find out more >>

MONDAY 18th March

8.00 – 9.20

BUSINESS: British individuality: is the brand of Britain still Great?
Co-Chairs: Heather McGregor, Taylor Bennett and Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School and HotSpots
Panel: Giles English, Bremont; Emerson Roberts, Brompton Bicycles; Deborah Leary OBE, Forensic Pathways; Nicky Haslam, British Interior Designer and creative spark

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12 Nov
23 Oct

Middleton Seminar for Women in Business: 16 November 2012, Middleton Hall

As part of Global Entrepreneurship week Deb Leary etc…. is guest speaker at Dunelm Business Consultants Middleton Seminar for Women in Business.

In addition to Deb, speakers include Sue Arnold, Managing Director of Haselour House Media and Christine Banks, Manager at Handelsbanken Bank.

This promises to be a vibrant event offering discussions and workshops focused on renewing and reviving connections, networks and business strategy.  #MidSemWIB #GEWPassItOn.

To reserve a place email Nina Jung at nina@dunelmbusinessconsultants.com

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23 Oct


As Board Member of European Women in Leadership and CEO of Forensic Pathways & Clarity Intel Deb Leary has been asked to present on how to create connections to enhance professional female development and how it contributes to economic performance.

This is the first of a proposed annual series being promoted by VERIZON.

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23 Oct

European Women in Leadership Biannual meeting at the French Parliament, 22nd Oct, Paris

European Women in Leadership Biannual meeting at the French Parliament, 22nd Oct, Paris

On October 22 Claude Bartolone, President of the French National Assembly, will host a much-awaited WIL biannual meeting. Together with members of the Washington-based Global Women’s Innovation Network (GlobalWIN) and a high-level international audience we will discuss the topic of balance between transparency and privacy in the Internet era.

Among our distinguished speakers can be cited: Maureen Ohlhausen, US Federal Trade Commissioner; Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Senior Executive Vice President, Orange France and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, France Telecom Group; Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Research Director at INRIA; and Sophie Pedder, Paris bureau chief of The Economist.

Almost a hundred high-level women are expected to participate, including CEOs, executives, European high civil servants, policy makers and academics, WIL Women Talent Pool Program participants, as well as an American Global WIN delegation and a Pink Shoe Club’s delegation (an exclusive women’s network located at the House of Lords).

The emergence of disruptive information technologies in the past few years has accelerated the flow of data, and determined a more intelligent, clear-cut way of collecting and circulating information. These new practices had some unexpected consequences, from the most sensationalist rows (News of the World), to business choices influencing users’ privacy (Facebook), to tensions at the highest diplomatic levels (Wikileaks). These situations clearly show that concepts of transparency and privacy are being redefined, and that an in-depth reflection on the ‘right’ way of using data should be an important part of this process.

For more information go to: http://www.wileurope.org/articles/Details/WIL-biannual-meeting-at-the-French-Parliament

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23 Oct

Women Talent Pool Program

As Board Members of WIL and CEO of Forensic Pathways & Clarity Intel Deb Leary will be taking part in WIL’s forthcoming biannual meeting taking place in Paris on 22nd October

The morning will commence with the Women Talent Pool Programs, Communication skills training and visit to the Orange Innovation Gardens followed by a high level lunch at the French Parliament.

Women Talent Pool Program

Twenty WIL Emerging Leaders will participate in this intensive program, divided into two parts.

In the morning they will participate in a communication skills training session led by Corinne Got-Camard (CEO Hill & Knowlton) and Thierry Derrien (Senior Account Director at Hill & Knowlton). In the afternoon, the group accompanied by the Global WIN delegation will meet Orange executive women. A speech by our distinguished guest, Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen, will be followed by presentations of executives, who will share their career experience.

A visit to the Orange Innovation Gardens and a discussion on new technologies in healthcare and 3D imaging will complete the program of the day.

The Women Talent Pool is an 18-month-program aimed at supporting talented women in mid-level management positions, whom WIL chose to call Emerging Talents. It is being realized thanks to multiple resources, including a network of high-level women, many of whom volunteered to serve as Role Models, and sponsors with expertise in various fields and willingness to share leading practices.

For more information go to: http://www.wileurope.org/articles/Details/Women-Talent-Pool-Program–October-22

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06 Jun

FP CEO to speak at the Commonwealth Economic Forum

Forum Overview by Sir Alan Collins

Against a background of continuing financial turmoil, increasing unemployment and growing inequality it is understandable that many are questioning the equity and sustainability of our current capitalist system. These voices are not just the unemployed or disadvantaged, but also some of our biggest business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever who have called for a more responsible, inclusive and caring capitalism, which is driven by more than the bottom line.

While the Commonwealth Business Council remains committed to private sector led development and ‘making globalisation work for all’, for our second Commonwealth Economic Forum we have adopted the theme “shaping capitalism for global prosperity and sustainable growth”. The Forum will focus on highlighting the positive impact business has on society. It will address economic policy issues around free and fair trade, employment and skills, support for small and medium sized enterprises, food security and short term decision making. It will also focus on areas where businesses can make a difference such as socially responsible investment, supply chain management, environmental sustainability and frugal innovation for pro-poor growth. Above all it will consider how we can establish more effective public private partnerships for the benefit of all.

I believe that the Commonwealth, a diverse organisation of 54 countries, both developed and developing, spread over 6 continents, can play an important role in defining a better capitalism and also ensuring that a new model is adopted as widely as possible. Since our foundation in 1997, the Commonwealth Business Council has played an active role in improving corporate governance standards in developing countries, establishing business led anti-corruption programmes and encouraging companies to adopt meaningful CSR programmes in the countries in which they work.

We are extremely grateful to the City of London for again allowing us to host the Forum at the magnificent Mansion House. As the symbolic heart of the world’s most important financial centre there could not be a more appropriate place to hold this Forum.

Throughout its history the City of London has been one of the UK’s most important charitable and philanthropic institutions and in more recent times has been a leading global voice on issues relating to sustainable and socially responsible investment, as demonstrated by the London Principles of Sustainable Finance.

Follow the link to view the Brochure – CEF2012_Brochure v13

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07 Mar

Forensic Pathways will be attending the International Communications Data & Digital Forensics Seminar (ICDDF) 26th – 29th March, Heathrow, London

The Home Office Data Communications Group (DCG) alongside the Metropolitan Police Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI are together hosting a seminar which incorporates:

  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • Audio Forensics
  • Video Forensics
  • Cell Site Analysis
  • Communications Data

Forensic Pathways will be demonstrating Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA).  A cell phone forensic tool which can handle data extracted from thousands of cell phones.  FPA treats cell phone data as a social network enabling fast search, automated reporting and visualisation of masses of data extracted from cell phones, rather than looking at the data case by case.

Forensic Pathways will also be demonstrating Videntifier Forensic.  Videntifier is an automatic video identification software tool which can identify illegal video content such as child abuse material and terrorist and hate speech material on seized computers, hard drives and CD’s.

Both Videntifier and Forensic Phone Analyser are available FREE on a 1 month trial from Forensic Pathways.

For more information please contact ben.leary@forensic-pathways.com

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05 Mar

Forensic Pathways will be attending the Counter Terror Expo, Olympia London on the 25th & 26th April 2012

We will be demonstrating Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA), a mobile phone forensic analysis software system that can handle data extracted from an unlimited number of mobile phones. In addition demonstrations will be taking place of the video identification software system,  Videntifier, a software platform designed to identify terrorist and hate speech, as well as child abuse material on seized computers, laptops, CDs and hard drives.

Please come and say hello at our stand.

For more info on the conference visit www.counterterrorexpo.com

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