Cyber Security Services

Protecting your business today and for the future

Our aim is to ensure our clients are protected in the ever increasing complex digital world in which we all operate.

Many organisations have heard of the terms ‘cyber’ and ‘dark web’ but many are unware of how this relatively new security threat can impact on their businesses.  Many believe that such threats are aimed at larger corporations, but this is fundamentally not the case.

We are bombarded by new security challenges every day and this can make it increasingly difficult to pre-empt these challenges, in addition these risks can come from both within the organisation and from external sources.

Our aim is to educate and support organisations so that they can put in place relevant processes to ensure they are secure and are fit for purpose, dealing effectively with any cyberattack.

It is essential that security advice is appropriate and proportionate to the size of the business.  One size does not fit all and therefore our teams are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure the scoping and advice on solutions is appropriate.

The services Forensic Pathways provide are designed to help organisations protect their environment, their intellectual property, and data and their reputation.

Our services include:

Cyber Security Awareness training – for all levels of personnel

Full expert security guidance

We can provide an independent review of security or any other requirement, providing the most appropriate security for each individual organisation.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Recent cyberattacks have highlighted the very real threat to business and how imperative it is in order to protect your organisation, both from internal and external threats.

Examples of vulnerabilities include:

  • Weak passwords
  • Software bugs
  • Out of date patching
  • Computer viruses or other malware
  • Script code injection
  • SQL injection or misconfiguration.

In working closely with our clients we can complete a full review of any potential vulnerability.

Security Health Assessment

We provide specific guidance to a range of levels within the organisation to help you increase security in your IT environment.

Our aim is to ensure our clients are proactive, helping them avoid security compromises and providing appropriate recommendations for the security of our clients’ IT environment.

The Health Assessment will provide a view of the client’s maturity level and then the findings are put into a business context in order that the client can make a judgement as to any risks or issues that may or may not be acceptable to them.   This then helps prioritise any immediate follow up actions.

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