14 Mar

Export Champions!

Forensic Pathways CEO Deb Leary OBE (bottom right) as Export Champion
Forensic Pathways CEO Deb Leary OBE (bottom right) with the team of Export Champions

Last week, Birmingham hosted the inaugural Midlands Engine Trade Summit, an exhibition celebrating and encouraging the continued growth of Midland firms exporting internationally.

The Midlands Engine is the long-term economic plan to achieve greater economic growth and productivity across the whole of the Midlands. Over 27,000 businesses across the Midlands Engine exported nearly £40 billion worth of products to over 100 countries in 2015 and the Midlands is responsible for 24% of England’s manufacturing output with particular strengths in automotive, motorsport, aerospace and rail.

Forensic Pathways proudly attended the event as CEO Deb Leary took to the stage as an Expert Champion; a high profile business leader from the Midlands region offering her expertise and advice to inspire companies to export and support existing exporters looking to expand into new markets. Addressing the 500+ delegate conference, Deb delivered an inspirational message highlighting the benefits international trade can bring to a business “Exporting adds real value to the brand, it promotes us as ‘Thought Leaders’“. Exporting internationally has done just that for Forensic Pathways, allowing the company to be positioned as industry leaders in forensic equipment and technology across the world, including South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, the USA & Canada and many more. In addition Forensic Pathways continues to provide Due Diligence and Fraud Investigation services internationally to both the public and private sectors.

Deb also touched on the importance of collaboration in the pursuit of international trade,

stating that “export enables us to create opportunity to work collaboratively with other industry experts”. As a result of international trade, Forensic Pathways have collaborated with ballistics experts Pyramidal, resulting in the collaboration of one of the most advanced, powerful and portable ballistic identification systems on the market, ALIAS. Furthermore, success overseas has generated even greater domestic success, and international trade has helped the company win business here in the UK as exporting globally means “we are seen as a global authority”.

Deb wrapped up the passionate speech summarising the drive, determination and support needed to thrive when trading internationally, referencing our very own Team GB “You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a part of team GB, but you do need the same passion and people supporting you. The Department of International Trade and its export champions are here to support you on that journey, as are the UK embassies within the country – you just need to ask. Exporting is great, Britain is great, now let’s do great business. Thank you.”

Deb Leary OBE on the Q&A panel addressing the exhibition

Deb Leary OBE on the Q&A panel addressing the exhibition

Check out Forensic Pathways’ video case study for the Midlands Engine Trade Summit here:

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