24 Feb

Fast Forward Forensics > Video and Image Analysis

Do you struggle with a backlog of video material?

Do you need to know which digital camera was used to create a set of seized images?

Forensic Pathways invites you to a free morning of demonstrations that showcase the newest technology in analysing video and photographic images.

On the day:

Videntifier Forensic is a service that recognises video material on seized storage devices and can analyse over 1,000 videos per day. It combines fast data mining technology with high-end Computer Vision methods. Videntifier Forensic uses one-way encrypted visual fingerprints to identify videos, ensuring no sensitive data will leave your organisation.

All those in attendance will receive afree trial copy of Videntifier!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO DEMO – http://eu.videntifier.com/video.html

Forensic Image Analyser(FIA) identifies a digital signature embedded in an image. If you have recovered a set of images and want to know if a suspect device took them, FIA can help you. If you have a group of images but NO SUSPECT DEVICE the technology can classify the images into groups and tell you which were taken by the same device.

We would welcome anybody who would like to view a demonstration of this technology at our free seminar. Please book your tickets today and we look forward to meeting you on the 9th March 2011.

Ticket also includes tea, coffee and buffet lunch.

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