The Ultimate Information Management System for High-Tech Crime Labs

 A pioneering forensic data management system, FDX allows you to automatically manage digital data from multiple extraction tools. The software cuts out hours of manual processing and removes the likelihood of human error, giving you fast, accurate intelligence in the fight against crime.

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About FDX

Forensic Digital Exchange (FDX) is a complete management system for your mobile phone digital evidence. The software solution has been designed alongside the Metropolitan Police Service further cementing the organisations credibility in the digital forensic investigation field. Essentially FDX allows investigators too:

1. Automate the formatting, analysis and storage of digital forensic evidence across all major extraction tools e.g. XRY, Cellbrite, Radio Tactics etc.
2. Cross-reference an unlimited amount of mobile phone data.
3. Provide audit trails for each data item. Including extraction information, actions taken, notes and entries made by the examiner over time.
4. Manage large data sets accurately and at speed across your secure network.
5. Instantly access new as well as historical data when you need it.
6. Frees up resources.

Forensic Pathways would like to offer your police force a completely FREE trial of Forensic Digital Exchange (FDX) for your review. Contact us to find out more.

Is FDX for us?

1. Are you responsible for investigating mobile phone data?
2. Do you handle large amounts of digital data from different sources re. Mobile / cell phones and SIM cards?
3. Do you cross-reference data manually using spreadsheets or other analysis methods?

If you answered YES to any of the above then FDX is for you. Contact us today to find out more and to arrange your exclusive free trial.

8 ways FDX will make a difference to you

1. Centralise your phone data
2. Speed up your investigations and reduce cost
3. Provide complete audit reports
4. Free up resources for more sophisticated investigation work – rather than data cleansing
5. Give you confidence that your data is accurate and secure
6. Reveal previously hidden connections and patterns
7. Allow instant access to new and historical data when you need it
8. Consolidate data from different extraction tools


Forensic Digital Exchange (FDX) users are able to import and save large amounts of extracted mobile phone data, from multiple extraction tools re. Cellebrite, XRY, and Aceso in to a single database for analysis, therefore allowing users to analyse and manage their digital forensic laboratories more efficiently.

FDX allows investigators, analysts, and high tech crime units to manage their internal investigations with regards mobile / cell phone exhibits in a logical way, therefore allowing users to quickly review what data has been extracted from what device as well as by ‘who’ and ‘when’. FDX supports data extraction tools such as Cellebrite, XRY, and Aceso.


1. Supports Cellebrite, XRY, Aceso
2. One-step import process
3. Search mass amounts of mobile phone / cell phone data
4. Filtering and ‘fuzzy’ search
5. Multimedia file analysis
6. Timeline – what data was imported, ‘when’, and by ‘who’
7. Reporting

FDX Supports:

  • Contacts
  • Call Records
  • SMS Records
  • MMS Messages
  • Emails
  • Calendar Events
  • Calendar Tasks
  • Notes
  • Web history
  • Webpage Bookmarks
  • Search History
  • Stored Physical Files
  • Instant messages (Inc. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, and imessage

FDX has been designed alongside Police forces for Police forces.

For more information on FDX please call us on +44 (0)121 250 3642. 

Alternatively email

    Met_Police_LogoA collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and Forensic Pathways has successfully led to the development of FDX – a software solution designed by users, for users, to ensure that the integrity & quality of digital evidence is maintained in High Tech Crime Labs.

    Eddie Fisher, Digital & Electronics Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police

    A few of the organisations that have placed their trust in us:

    We can provide a bespoke package for you too!

    A collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and Forensic Pathways has successfully led to the development of FDX – a software solution designed by users, for users, to ensure that the
    Eddie Fisher Digital & Electronics Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police
    ALIAS brings together the latest cutting edge 3D photonics and surface measurement technology the world has ever seen to forensic ballistics; a major step forward in science and technology.
    Professor Liam Blunt UK Centre for Precision Technologies

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