23 Jan

Forensic Pathways attend National Child Protection and Abuse Investigation Conference 2012

‘A United Approach To Child Protection’

The National Child Protection and Abuse Investigation Conference, organised by ACPO, gives attendees greater access to information and new technologies that are designed to aid child protection professionals in an ever-changing environment.

As the world goes digital and the landscape changes we find our selves working in a challenging domain. This event provides a wealth of knowledge through its key speakers and delegates all working together to combat child abuse.

As always, we are working in an ever-changing environment. Our understanding of some aspects of abuse is still growing; new approached to getting the best from individuals and locally delivered services are being taken; the public rightly expect us to react positively to critical events; and the organisational landscape is shifting, through reform but also through economic necessity. Against this challenging backdrop, our determination to prevent harm, protect children and pursue offenders remains absolute.

Peter Davies, ACPO Lead Missing Children

Forensic Pathways Stand

Forensic Pathways are showcasing their latest technology based service which removes the need for officials to view disturbing imagery. Videntifer is a video identification programme which speeds up investigations by reducing the amount of hours spent watching potentially illegal video content.

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Movie Making on the go. Check out our video from today’s conference:

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