07 Sep

Forensic Pathways attending the National CT Forensics Seminar 2011

The next few years will be challenging times for Counter terrorism with a number of significant events including the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Such events will attract large crowds and the associated threat from Terrorism. Coupled with significant government efficiency savings, there is a need to work better for less.

This second National Counter Terrorism Forensics Seminar 2011 will be held on Thursday 22nd andFriday 23rd September 2011 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport.

The theme of the seminar is ‘Future Challenges for CTForensics‘, and will include speakers from the UK and abroad.

The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Share best practise;
  • Examine the pivotal role of forensics in CTinvestigations;
  • Discuss the challenges to the forensic community.

This seminar will be offering delegates a stimulating and wide ranging program of presentations that highlights the effective use of the full range of forensic disciplines in national and international Counter Terrorism investigations.

Forensic Pathways will be demonstrating a number of key software products including:


Videntifier Forensic an automatic service that quickly recognises video material, legal and illegal, on seized computers.

Videntifier enables police to speed up investigations while lowering costs and improving working conditions.

The software can be used for authorities working with Terrorism / hate speech material, child abuse material and copyrighted videos.

A free trial is available here – https://www.forensic-pathways.com//products-and-services/videntifier

Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYyIjwqGGh8


Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) has been developed to improve your work flow and to aid mobile phone forensics, cell phone forensics. Forensic Phone Analyser’s criminal investigation software allows you the forensic analyst more time to focus on discovering linked exhibits that detail criminal connections.

FPA will handle data from a single Phone or from thousands of phones quickly, accurately and powerfully.


  • Trace & Link people
  • Attribute phone numbers to people
  • Attribute Phones & SIM Cards to people
  • Discover social & criminal networks
  • Identify the most important people in networks
  • Identify Phone Call Patterns and Networks
  • Extracted IMAGES and identify their Source (Which Device)
  • Identify SMS Text Messages and Criminal Networks
  • Grouping of Contacts, Phones, SMS Texts
  • Pinpoint fraudulent Identities
  • Clues about fraudulent Identity – ‘Who’s Who’

Starting from as little £150.00 per month!

FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE – Contact sales@forensic-pathways.com

VIDEO – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWyGzvVgWwk

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