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 The data held on mobile/cell phones is often the key to solving a crime. During an investigation time is of the essence. FPA analyses all mobile/cell phone data quickly and with integrity.

Its USP is simple – it works with any data extraction tool, ensuring that whether you use Cellebrite, XRY, ACESO or any other data extraction technique, FPA will allow you to analyse and optimise that data – making it the ultimate in mobile/cell phone forensic analysis.

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About FPA

In a world where our phones hold details about every aspect of our lives, the data they contain is ever more vital to solving crime. FPA software means you can now access and analyse this data quickly and effortlessly. It speeds up your investigations and can bring valuable new insights to light.

  • Extract, clean and format data from any number of phones into a single database
  • Use it with any mobile/cell phone extraction tool including Cellebrite, XRY and Radio Tactics
  • Cross reference address books, calls and texts for links
  • Create visualised reports of data connections
  • Identify and filter out common and legitimate numbers for clarity
  • Manage large data sets with speed, accuracy and instant access
  • Search, query and analyse data, and create reports
  • Share real-time information across the network

Forensic Pathways would like to offer your police force a completely FREE trial of Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) for your review. Contact us to find out more.

Is FPA for us?

Are you: responsible for police forensics investigations? A high tech crime unit? A forensics specialist?

  • Do you want analysis software that works with any extraction tool?
  • Do you cross reference mobile/cell phone data manually using spreadsheets or other analysis methods?
  • Do you wish you could instantly analyse mobile/cell phone data?
  • Do you want to speed up your investigations and secure more convictions?

If you answered YES to any of the above then FPA is for you. Contact us today to find out more and to arrange your exclusive free trial.

7 ways FPA will make a difference to you 

1. Save hours of painstaking manual analysis and free up valuable resources
2. Gain useful intelligence in the crucial early days of an investigation
3. Expose criminal links and associations quickly
4. Allow you to work across multiple extraction software
5. Give you confidence that your data and evidence is accurate
6. Explore and compare multiple cases and identify patterns
7. Improve your conviction rate

Windows XP, 7, 8 Client/Stand Alone
SQL Server 2008 (or above) Multi-User/Network

    photo.jpgFPA allows us to connect up all our mobile phone data, regardless of which data extraction software is used. Analysis which would have previously taken days and weeks, we can now do automatically, critically saving time, reducing cost, creating a positive experience for the end user and a quality evidential output.

    Jill Wheeler, Head of Mobile Phone Forensics, Surrey Police

    A few of the organisations that have placed their trust in us:

    We can provide a bespoke package for you too!

    A collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and Forensic Pathways has successfully led to the development of FDX – a software solution designed by users, for users, to ensure that the
    Eddie Fisher Digital & Electronics Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police
    ALIAS brings together the latest cutting edge 3D photonics and surface measurement technology the world has ever seen to forensic ballistics; a major step forward in science and technology.
    Professor Liam Blunt UK Centre for Precision Technologies

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