The Ultimate Information Management System for High-Tech Crime Labs

A pioneering forensic data management system, FDX allows you to automatically manage digital data from multiple extraction tools. The software cuts out hours of manual processing and removes the likelihood of human error, giving you fast, accurate intelligence in the fight against crime.


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Forensic Digital Exchange (FDX)

Forensic Image Analyser (FIA)

Do you recover digital images and need to know their origin?

Forensic Image Analyser allows the identification of suspect devices, and potential links between groups of photographs, based on analysis of thousands of digital images. Our FIA product will work with all the world’s digital cameras and 75% of mobile/cell phones including the latest smartphone and tablet images.


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Discover connections and explore multiple cases

Our Forensic Phone analysis software has been developed alongside law enforcement agencies to handle all data extracted from mobile/cell phones. The key to Forensic Phone Analyser is data aggregation, bringing all the information together in one place allowing faster intelligence gathering, and its interoperability with all data extraction software.


$4.99 /per month

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Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA)

A collaboration between the Metropolitan Police and Forensic Pathways has successfully led to the development of FDX – a software solution designed by users, for users, to ensure that the
Eddie Fisher Digital & Electronics Forensic Services, Metropolitan Police
ALIAS brings together the latest cutting edge 3D photonics and surface measurement technology the world has ever seen to forensic ballistics; a major step forward in science and technology.
Professor Liam Blunt UK Centre for Precision Technologies

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