06 Jun

FP CEO to speak at the Commonwealth Economic Forum

Forum Overview by Sir Alan Collins

Against a background of continuing financial turmoil, increasing unemployment and growing inequality it is understandable that many are questioning the equity and sustainability of our current capitalist system. These voices are not just the unemployed or disadvantaged, but also some of our biggest business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever who have called for a more responsible, inclusive and caring capitalism, which is driven by more than the bottom line.

While the Commonwealth Business Council remains committed to private sector led development and ‘making globalisation work for all’, for our second Commonwealth Economic Forum we have adopted the theme “shaping capitalism for global prosperity and sustainable growth”. The Forum will focus on highlighting the positive impact business has on society. It will address economic policy issues around free and fair trade, employment and skills, support for small and medium sized enterprises, food security and short term decision making. It will also focus on areas where businesses can make a difference such as socially responsible investment, supply chain management, environmental sustainability and frugal innovation for pro-poor growth. Above all it will consider how we can establish more effective public private partnerships for the benefit of all.

I believe that the Commonwealth, a diverse organisation of 54 countries, both developed and developing, spread over 6 continents, can play an important role in defining a better capitalism and also ensuring that a new model is adopted as widely as possible. Since our foundation in 1997, the Commonwealth Business Council has played an active role in improving corporate governance standards in developing countries, establishing business led anti-corruption programmes and encouraging companies to adopt meaningful CSR programmes in the countries in which they work.

We are extremely grateful to the City of London for again allowing us to host the Forum at the magnificent Mansion House. As the symbolic heart of the world’s most important financial centre there could not be a more appropriate place to hold this Forum.

Throughout its history the City of London has been one of the UK’s most important charitable and philanthropic institutions and in more recent times has been a leading global voice on issues relating to sustainable and socially responsible investment, as demonstrated by the London Principles of Sustainable Finance.

Follow the link to view the Brochure – CEF2012_Brochure v13

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