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About Fraud Investigation

  • Fraud is an ever-present threat in any organization and the methods used by fraudsters have become more sophisticated and complex as technology improves.
  • Whether you have identified fraud, or suspect it, our fraud investigation service enables fast collection and analysis of evidence to ensure that crucial decisions can be made quickly preventing loss.  Fraud is notoriously complex; it requires a significant understanding of data collection, management and analysis.
  • As fraud is a notoriously complex area of crime we therefore tailor our solutions to your needs, providing a high level of digital investigation and where required Forensic Data Recovery and Computer Forensics. 

Fraud Investigation

Why use our Fraud Investigation Service?

  • Fraud can have a devastating impact on businesses and on the individual, so detecting it quickly is vital. Having the processes and procedures to prevent it in the first place is even more important.
  • Our Fraud Investigation service enables fast collection and analysis of evidence to ensure that crucial decisions can be made to stop further losses and reverse engineer the process to make sure lessons are learnt and new procedures put in place to avoid repeat occurrences.
  • We recognize that a one size fits all approach does not apply in complex fraud cases. That’s way we tailor our approach to you and remain in close contact at all times to ensure that we meet your needs and continue to provide the information your require.

Forensic-Pathways was instructed to investigate a confirmed incident of data loss concerning thousands of confidential and sensitive records from a household-name insurance company in the UK.  The investigation included an initial examination of the event leading to the security breach, its extent, and identified willingly and unwillingly involved members of staff.   The covert and overt investigation measures employed on the case included:

  • A forensic assessment of the extent of the data loss,
  • A thorough investigation into unauthorised access and security breaches (USB memory sticks, unauthorised email use, spyware etc.), and
  • Interviews with suspects and witnesses.

Forensic Pathways’ final report included a comprehensive narrative, identified the extent of the breach, an identification of suspected members of staff and analysis of security breach that aided the facilitation of the data loss.  The Board of Directors subsequently invited Forensic-Pathways to perform a stress test and an audit on new data protection systems and a appropriate protocol was adopted in response to the breach.

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