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The Dark Web

The Dark Web is known to host websites containing illegal, dangerous and highly sensitive material that could have dire implications for those who access it, intentionally or accidentally. At Forensic Pathways, we are trained experts in accessing, navigating and investigating all avenues of the Dark Web – we know where to look and how to find and extract vital information safely.

Our analysts operate on a proactive solution strategy rather than a reactive one; a threat to your company is much easier to quash during the early stages before it has gained momentum.We investigate key areas to identify threats and advise accordingly, facilitating the nullification of risk to your company before it is exacerbated to a damaging level.  

To ensure investigations are as successful as possible, we have a methodology to enable us to infiltrate forums and marketplaces which allows us to operate within the Dark Web without raising suspicion.  

We carry out

  1. Marketplace monitoring – discovering information that is not available on the visible web 
  2. Forum monitoring – identify how companies are being exploited and the best locations for specific goods such as banking information.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is all about making informed decisions whether that be about individual people or companies.  Forensic Pathways aim is to provide our clients with the intelligence they need, protecting them from external and internal threats from both a financial and reputational standpoint.

Whether you are involved in mergers and acquisitions or looking to assess the credibility of a potential business partner, Forensic Pathways’ Due Diligence Service will ensure you are able to gain a more in depth and faster track to business intelligence enabling you to manage your ongoing risk exposure.

Scope of work includes: 

  • Thorough open web searches on the company of interest; shareholders, Ultimate Beneficiary Owners(UBO) and directors to identify any negative media 
  • Use of 3rd party Due Diligence platforms to identify any negative media which you could not find via the open web 
  • Relationship matrices and links with third party entities 

The exploration of past and present activity also allows for the incorporation of investigations on the exploration of sanctions, watch lists & PEP checks any persons of interest. These checks will help identify high risk individuals/organisations. This will also help to fulfil Compliance and Anti Money laundering obligations and mitigate the risks of working with such individuals/organisations.

Continuous monitoring of business news and activity

It is critical to have a clarity and understanding of any business activity that could have negative implications on your reputation, be it partners, suppliers, agents etc. However, sometimes a snapshot perspective of business activity at the time of investigation is not suffice, and continuous monitoring is required in order to maintain a position of clarity of the activity of a company of interest.

Forensic Pathways deploys automated systems that check the depths of the web and bring to light any articles or pieces of information that reference the company or persons of interest, allowing you to respond promptly and appropriatelyto any news that will impact your organisation and the decision making process / future direction. With years of continuous monitoring experience, FPL has worked with large corporations as well as SMEs, tailoring its service to reflect the specific requirements of each organisation.  

We are able to decipher through a magnitude of search results to extract specific, vital information to aid in decision making and future direction and mitigate risk, both reputational and financial.

Scope of work includes:- 

  • Monitoring hundreds of alerts daily 
  • Monitoring changes in company structure and director associations 
  • Monitoring business performance both internally and externally for affiliates and other companies of interest
  • Continuous monitoring of the performance and progress of competitors – helping to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Providing a clear picture on future practice and direction your business may take 
  • Identifying relevant articles and information through key word searches to ensure you are provided with the latest information as it arises.
  • Tailored search to meet your specific requirements; whether you are looking for positive news or negative news regarding a partner or prospective purchase, or general news on competitors, we can find it so you can use it. 

Open Source Investigations

The open web is home to a plethora of information that could be of significant value to your organisation. The problem is, given the magnitude of the internet and the hundreds of millions of cracks and crevices where information is stored and shared, how do you cut through the ‘noise’ and target information pertinent to you? 

At Forensic Pathways we are experts in this field. From news articles to public opinion, we can cover all areas on any specific search terms you desire, be it your own company, a company of interest such as a competitor or M&A target, directors, regions of interest and so on – we can tailor investigations to suit your specific needs. 

Open web searches form part of an enhanced Due Diligence process.  It allows for:

  • Verifying the identity of the company of interest and other associates/partners
  • Social media checks; reveal consumer confidence & opinion by observing feedback, as well as an insight into how the company of interest conduct their business.  
  • Positive and negative media and the effect it may have on a business/partner relationship
  • Uncover hidden legal proceedings
  • Uncover & decipher complex structures created to hide the ultimate beneficiary owners
  • WikiLeaks checks

Employee Investigations

It is important to remain aware of employee activity within your organisation. Research shows that ‘the threat from within’ is growing at an exponential rate; Kroll conducted a worldwide survey showing that of the companies who knew the identity of the fraudster, 81% suffered at the hand of at least one insider. Of those companies that had fallen victim to information loss, theft or attack through 2015, the most common cause was employee malfeasance, involved in 45% of cases, with vendor/supplier malfeasance involved in 29% of cases.

Given internal sources are at the forefront of fraudulent attacks and hacks, it is imperative to take necessary precautions.   At Forensic Pathways, we know the risks your company faces, and we know how to counter them though preventative and investigative measures.

Forensic Pathways’ services include: 

  • Monitoring internet activity 
  • Digital trail of employee computer use 
  • Development of Digital Forensic Policy
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
    • Standalone and networked PCs;
    • Laptops;
    • Servers and Networks;
    • Emails;
    • Tablets;
    • Smartphones
    • Mobile phones
    • Digital media, including USB devices and memory cards.

For more information on all of Forensic Pathways’ services, please contact a member of the team on +44 (0)121 250 3642. Alternatively contact us at 

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