11 Mar

Laser Metrology and Machine Performance (LAMDAMAP) 2015

Forensic Pathways is proud to be participating and attending the Laser Metrology and Machine Performance (LAMDAMAP) conference on 17th and 18th March 2015 at the National Centre for Precision Technology in Huddersfield where Forensic Pathways is a Tier 1 Sponsor.

Forensic Pathways uses advanced machine tool metrology to support its forensic ballistics technology platform. Forensic ballistics involves the analysis of surfaces of bullets and cartridge cases and in the case of Forensic Pathways platform the trend is in the direction of nanometre level measurement and beyond. Matching the surface of different objects (bullets and cartridge cases) that may or may not have been fired from the same firearm is at the heart of this work.

Forensic Pathways is demonstrating and ‘opening up’ its technology and techniques to other manufacturers in other engineering domains to encourage collaboration and the development of even better techniques and standards in the field.

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