09 Jul


Not only has Forensic Pathways developed a new technology that can detect which cell phone, camera, camcorder or scanner created which image or video the company has secured the world’s first criminal conviction of a paedophile based on this new technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ (FIA) which detects a unique signature created by every silicon chip. Forensic Pathways provided FIA technology and expertise to the Paedophile & On-Line Investigation Team (POLIT) of Sussex Police and convicted a man of serious sexual offences.

Lee Matthews, 32 of Howard Close, Hailsham, appeared at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday 8 July and was sentenced to a total of 9 years imprisonment having admitted a series of child sex offences.

Lee Matthews (above photo) sentenced to 9 years

In June this year, Forensic Pathways was approached by Sussex Police for help in investigating the activities of Lee Mathews. The Company’s new technology ‘Forensic Image Analyser’ was used to identify that the digital images on Matthews Apple iPhone had been taken by that device, as opposed to being sent to it or copied.  Matthews had until that point denied that the video on one of his phones which showed sexual activity with a child had been shot on that phone. Through the use of Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) Forensic Pathways was able to show that the videos had been created by Matthews on his iPhone.

Richard Leary, Managing Director said ‘We are pleased to have been able to assist Sussex Police and the team and to help secure a conviction in this case. In using Forensic Image Analyser we were able to identify that the images on the device were indeed taken with that device and in so doing prevented a young child having to go through the additional trauma of giving evidence in court. The suspect pleaded guilty.’

Forensic Phone Analyser (FIA), a patented technology, is also being used by Interpol where it is working to enable investigators to compare one image against 20 million images in under 3 seconds.  All in the fight to bring to justice those carrying out child abuse not only within the UK but internationally.

Detective Smith of POLIT said ‘We understand that this is the first-ever conviction obtained using this technology, which provides law enforcement with an extra option to help detect offences of any kind in which the source of digital imagery is an issue.  The assistance of Forensic Pathways was invaluable’

Matthews was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life and was served with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).


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