18 Jun

‘Wolves of the Internet’

Where do fraudsters hunt for data online?

Cifas & Forensic Pathways Ltd 

“With identity fraud levels at an all-time high, the need to look at how criminals gain access to personal data is essential in trying to develop successful preventative measures. This collaborative research presented an exciting opportunity to combine the forensic expertise and investigative techniques of Forensic Pathways with the fraud knowledge of Cifas, together providing insight into how personal data can be pieced together from various online sources to commit identity fraud.”

“The findings are eye-opening. This report not only demonstrates the vulnerabilities of personal data held on surface web platforms, but also highlights the pressing need to monitor these with more vigour, as well as look more closely at the use of software such as application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow for a mass of data to be obtained from these platforms. It also reminds us that although illegal activity occurs on the dark web, it is also prevalent on the surface web, where the selling of personal data through forums and online shops is clearly evident. We welcome further collaboration from all industries and sectors in the fight against identity fraud.”

Deborah Leary OBE, CEO, Forensic Pathways

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