Identify red flags before it’s too late

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Are people who they say they are?
Is the business what it seems to be on face value?
Are you monitoring your supply chain?

Mitigating the risk of partnering with an individual or business whose existing or previous activities or relationships may cause legal, regulatory, reputational or financial damage is a real predicament that a business faces when embarking on a new contract or agreement.


Whether you’re involved in mergers and acquisitions or looking to assess the credibility of your business partners, our background investigation service will ensure that you are able to gain more in depth and faster business intelligence to manage your ongoing risk exposure.

Our Clarifyi solution provides several checks to protect a brand from individuals or companies who may put the company at risk of fraudulent activity.


  • Conducting detailed company background checks globally
  • Identifying corporate structures, directors and ultimate beneficial owners globally
  • Assessing the current business performance of companies
  • Performing sanctions / watchlist / PEP checks
  • Monitoring for negative media
  • Social media monitoring and analysis


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check is an identity assessment to ensure an investor is legitimate and is who they claim to be. We carry out these checks in a quick and concise manner to ensure that our clients can access the information in good time.
Sanction Checks are necessary to access the risks of individuals and companies. This is used to protect businesses from being used for money laundering and other financial crimes and will help businesses to determine who is and who is not appropriate to do business with. Failing to screen for these sanctions can lead to financial penalties and reputational costs.
PEP Screening This is a check for any politically exposed persons. Those of which have been or may no longer be entrusted with prominent public information. Being a PEP does prejudge a link to criminal activity of abuse of the financial system, but it is important that financial institutions are aware of the risks involved.