Discover the info being used against you with Clarifyi


The dark web is a mystery for many organisations, it is infamous for being the playground for criminals and the place to sell illegally obtained:

Personal data Stolen credit cards Fraudulent ID documents Counterfeit products Stolen Goods Protected intellectual property

Think eBay for illegal goods. Buyers and sellers can transact goods whilst rating their shopping experiences and protecting real identities.

Gaining Visibility
Requires expertise to access the insalubrious world of the dark web

Constantly Changing Landscape
The software and tools used to monitor the dark web need to continuously evolve to ensure that they are still uncovering data.


Reduce the Risk Exposure
Clarifyi shortens the timeframe to detection of compromised data on the dark web, enabling businesses to swiftly identify security gaps and mitigate the damage caused by the misuse of exposed data.

Real-time Intelligence
The platform coupled with our forensic investigative pedigree provides an enhanced visualisation into the potential cyber risk that a business has.

Monthly Subscription
Our service surpasses automated Web ‘crawlers’, searching is undertaken with a unique blend of software and expert analysts that have a forensic eye for detail.

trojen viruses


In today’s world reputations can be defined by the information that remains available on the internet about you.

Clarifyi conduct detailed forensic investigations into the online presence of a person or company that is encountering difficulties due to inaccurate or dated content.

The lawyers will then advise what content can legally be removed. Enabling a truthful representation on the internet.