HP Wolf Security and Forensic Pathways collaboration – Launch of The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back – an HP Wolf Security Report working with Forensic Pathways. The findings show cybercrime is being supercharged through “plug and play” malware kits that make it easier than ever to launch attacks. Cyber syndicates are collaborating with amateur attackers to target businesses, putting our online world at risk.

The HP Wolf Security threat team worked with Forensic Pathways, a leading group of global forensic professionals, on a three-month dark web investigation, scraping and analysing over 35 million cybercriminal marketplaces and forum posts to understand how cybercriminals operate, gain trust, and build reputation.


  • Digital transformation has accelerated both offensive (cyberattacks) and defensive (cybersecurity) capabilities.
  • Collaboration among cybercriminals has increased, making complex attacks more accessible to a wider range of threat actors.
  • Data breaches have made personal credentials available on dark web markets, contributing to cybercrime growth.

Section 01 – Evolution of Cybercrime:

  • Cybercrime history evolved from hackers seeking bragging rights to financially motivated attacks.
  • Hacker communities formed, sharing exploits and attack techniques.
  • DIY cybercrime kits and collaboration lowered the entry barrier for cybercriminals.
  • Examples of banking trojans: ZeuS and SpyEye.

Section 02 – Cybercrime Collaboration:

  • The dark web serves as a platform for cybercriminal interactions, buying, selling, and discussing attacks.
  • Marketplaces and forums encourage trust and penalize dishonesty.
  • Reputation and trust are crucial for cybercriminal marketplaces.
  • Closed encrypted networks facilitate recruitment and collaboration.

Section 03 – Horizon Scanning:

  • Expectations for future cybercrime trends
  • Destructive data denial attacks may increase.
  • Cybercrime will become more professional and targeted.
  • Emerging technologies will be used as weapons and shields.
  • Attackers will focus on efficiency and maximising returns.

  • Section 04 – Strategies to Fight Back:
  • Recommendations to reduce cybercrime risks
  • Master cybersecurity basics.
  • Focus on business continuity and limit risks from people and partners.
  • Practice incident response and rehearse reactions.
  • Collaborate, share threat information, and use third-party security services.
  • Use threat intelligence and be proactive in horizon scanning.

To read the report visit: https://bit.ly/3PAML5W

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