What is Ransomware? A Comprehensive Guide

Ransomware is an aggressive form of malware that locks out users from their data or systems until a ransom is paid. With attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s critical to understand how to defend against this pervasive cyber threat.


Venafi and Forensic Pathways explore “Exposing a Thriving Ransomware Marketplace on the Dark Web” From November 2021 to March 2022, an extensive research project was conducted in collaboration Venafi – The World Leader in Machine Identity Management. The research involved the analysis of a massive dark web dataset comprising >35 million dark web URLs, encompassing … Read more

Ballistics: LOQUITUR

Forensic Pathways (FP) has over 19 years’ experience developing forensic software solutions alongside law enforcement agencies. The Company has a diverse client base, has won numerous awards for innovation and holds a number of Patents. It was also a contributor to the European FP7 ODYSSEY project (ID: 218237, €3.8M), which focussed on the interpretability of ballistics systems across Europe.