27 Jul

HP Wolf Security and Forensic Pathways collaboration – Launch of The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Evolution of Cybercrime: Why the Dark Web is Supercharging the Threat Landscape and How to Fight Back – an HP Wolf Security Report working with Forensic Pathways. The findings show cybercrime is being supercharged through “plug and play” malware kits that make it easier than ever to launch attacks. Cyber syndicates are collaborating with amateur attackers to target businesses, putting our online world at risk.

The HP Wolf Security threat team worked with Forensic Pathways, a leading group of global forensic professionals, on a three-month dark web investigation, scraping and analyzing over 35 million cybercriminal marketplaces and forum posts to understand how cybercriminals operate, gain trust, and build reputation.

To read the report visit: https://bit.ly/3PAML5W

Click here to download the report

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30 Jun

Forensic Pathways & Aston University – Celebrate Innovate UK success!

The recent SMART award round by Innovate UK has seen success for leading threat intelligence company Forensic Pathways Ltd and its academic partner Aston University (Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics). 

The LEADS-ENGINE (Linguistically Enabled Analytic Dark Search Engine) project funded by Innovate UK will run for 18 months.

The project will develop innovative techniques for the detection and prediction of cybercrime and fraud on the dark web.  The project will build on Forensic Pathways’ technology ‘Dark Search Engine’ (DSE), developed in 2016, and will provide clients with actionable intelligence they can use to significantly enhance their protection measures/systems.   

The UK National Fraud and Cyber Crime Dashboard (NFB) shows that, to date in 2021, organisations have been impacted by 57,304 fraud-related cybercrimes, costing £637.4m. There has been a 64% rise in cyber attacks with the shift to remote/home working (mimecast.com).

While there are multiple dark-web monitoring tools/services, they lack the ability to automatically identify threats based on linguistic and behavioural patterns, which currently requires extensive manual analysis using techniques like Forensic Linguistics.

Forensic Pathways Limited (FPL), a Birmingham (UK) based SME has provided investigation, due diligence, threat intelligence/cyber security services for 21 years. In 2016 FPL developed Dark Search Engine (DSE), an automated crawler/scraper of the Tor .onion browser  in order to provide an additional level of intelligence to companies wishing to monitor the dark web for the illegal sale of assets, bank details, client data and email accounts, for example.  DSE has currently indexed over 55 million URLs, with the database updating every four hours.  Previously IBM have quoted over 280 days before companies are aware of a data breach and the ability to know if data has been stolen within a short time frame significantly impacts on the cost to business.

Ben Leary, Director said “Companies are used to looking to the clear net (regular internet) for information on the businesses or individuals they want to do business with or want to go through M&A, however, the open web is just one half of the picture.  They are also under significant pressure to protect their data and reputations”.

We have teamed with Aston University’s world-leading Forensic Linguistics Institute to enable us to go beyond the monitoring/alerting state-of-the-art by providing actionable intelligence and enabling the rapid identification of new threats, feeding into risk assessment tools and adding to a continually developing database of online fraud strategies and behaviours”.

Dr Emily Chiang of the Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics said, “Dark-web crime occurs almost exclusively through language. As such, linguistic methods can help establish important information about individuals and communities engaging in criminal activities”.

This is the third successful Innovate UK award for Forensic Pathways and highlights the significant value in collaboration between business and universities. Both organisations are members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

In 2020 Forensic Pathways completed an Innovate UK project with Huddersfield University and prior to that with Staffordshire University.

For further information please contact:  ben.leary@forensic-pathways.com or call 0121 232 4662

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10 May

New Crime Scene Stepping Plate Kit

Forensic Pathways are pleased to announce we have a new and improved carry case for our award-winning, unique and fully transparent crime scene stepping plate kits.


The new cases have been developed with anti-contamination at the forefront of the design. In the UK, strict measures are in place to avoid contaminating the crime scene and jeopardising the integrity of the evidence collected.

Collaborating with the reputable Versapak, the kit is now housed in an all new easy clean carrying device. The high quality 600D waterproof and easy clean PVC material allows for prompt decontamination allowing it to be redeployed into the field much quicker.

Furthermore, the cases now incorporate improved anti-tampering security; cases now come complete with T-seal locking, meaning when a unique seal is locked to the case, the contents of the kit cannot be accessed without breaking the seal. Once plates have been decontaminated and sealed into the carry case, SOCOs can rest assured that the kit they use at a scene is not contaminated and will not jeopardize the integrity of the evidence.

Numbered T2 Seals are provided with each kit purchase and can be purchased separately upon request.



The T2-Seal provide new, anti-tampering capabilities to the carry cases

The FSR (Forensic Science Regulator) have outlined anti-contamination policies which cite the use of crime scene stepping plates (see FSR-G-206 Issue 1), making them the ideal tool for anti-contamination.

For more information, get in touch today on +44 (0)121 232 3215


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14 Mar

Export Champions!

Forensic Pathways CEO Deb Leary OBE (bottom right) as Export Champion
Forensic Pathways CEO Deb Leary OBE (bottom right) with the team of Export Champions

Last week, Birmingham hosted the inaugural Midlands Engine Trade Summit, an exhibition celebrating and encouraging the continued growth of Midland firms exporting internationally.

The Midlands Engine is the long-term economic plan to achieve greater economic growth and productivity across the whole of the Midlands. Over 27,000 businesses across the Midlands Engine exported nearly £40 billion worth of products to over 100 countries in 2015 and the Midlands is responsible for 24% of England’s manufacturing output with particular strengths in automotive, motorsport, aerospace and rail.

Forensic Pathways proudly attended the event as CEO Deb Leary took to the stage as an Expert Champion; a high profile business leader from the Midlands region offering her expertise and advice to inspire companies to export and support existing exporters looking to expand into new markets. Addressing the 500+ delegate conference, Deb delivered an inspirational message highlighting the benefits international trade can bring to a business “Exporting adds real value to the brand, it promotes us as ‘Thought Leaders’“. Exporting internationally has done just that for Forensic Pathways, allowing the company to be positioned as industry leaders in forensic equipment and technology across the world, including South Africa, Germany, France, Italy, the USA & Canada and many more. In addition Forensic Pathways continues to provide Due Diligence and Fraud Investigation services internationally to both the public and private sectors.

Deb also touched on the importance of collaboration in the pursuit of international trade,

stating that “export enables us to create opportunity to work collaboratively with other industry experts”. As a result of international trade, Forensic Pathways have collaborated with ballistics experts Pyramidal, resulting in the collaboration of one of the most advanced, powerful and portable ballistic identification systems on the market, ALIAS. Furthermore, success overseas has generated even greater domestic success, and international trade has helped the company win business here in the UK as exporting globally means “we are seen as a global authority”.

Deb wrapped up the passionate speech summarising the drive, determination and support needed to thrive when trading internationally, referencing our very own Team GB “You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a part of team GB, but you do need the same passion and people supporting you. The Department of International Trade and its export champions are here to support you on that journey, as are the UK embassies within the country – you just need to ask. Exporting is great, Britain is great, now let’s do great business. Thank you.”

Deb Leary OBE on the Q&A panel addressing the exhibition

Deb Leary OBE on the Q&A panel addressing the exhibition

Check out Forensic Pathways’ video case study for the Midlands Engine Trade Summit here:

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21 Jan

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse National Conference 2016

tackling CSE

Forensic Pathways are pleased to confirm our attendance in exhibiting at the annual Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse National Conference 2016 hosted by Lancashire Constabulary & Leicestershire Police. – http://tinyurl.com/hvphoob 

The February event will explore a number of topics relevant to CSE, including how to tackle online grooming and abuse and understand more surrounding the acts of CSE.

Efforts to combat CSE are imperative, and through implementing innovative technologies such as Forensic Image Analyser, we can take one step closer to preventing the occurrence of such acts and protect the welfare of children.


Read more on FIA here… https://www.forensic-pathways.com/forensic-image-analyser/

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07 Sep

Winners of Digital Forensics of the year Award 2015

fpawardForensic Pathways is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Digital Forensic Award 2015 by Forensic Insider and Security Insider Magazine. This is the second time the Company has won the Award. The first time being 2013.

Its path-breaking endeavours have led to the company winning a variety of awards both for itself as a whole and also for its innovative technologies, culminating in the Digital Forensics Award 2015 awarded by Forensics Insider and Security Insider magazines.

According to publications’ judging panel, the cutting edge technologies being offered by Forensic Pathways was particularly impressive. The panel said that the company not only catered for the criminal side of things but also the business intelligence side. It further said that the judges unanimously agreed that the range of technologies offered by Forensic Pathways was the best in the sector.

Low-ResForensic Pathways 3Speaking on the win, Ben Leary says: “We are absolutely delighted. Winning the award is testament to the progress Forensics Pathways is making in the world of digital forensics. It shows that we are driving forward in the right direction and, more importantly, that we are providing a solution to a number of problems previously uncatered for.

“Winning the award is also an affirmation from the industry that what we have created has a real value. It affirms we have a created a strong base on which to move forward.”

He believes that the versatility of its product portfolio and the uniqueness of its cutting-edge technology would have definitely contributed towards the win.

“The fact that a large number of law enforcement agencies are incorporating our technology into their policies on a global level is a great indication that what we are doing is helping redefine how crime is combated, and helping implement new methods that can help law enforcement deal with a variety of threats including cyber.” 

Forensic Pathways has also seen much success in the provision of Due Diligence and Fraud Investigation Services to the public and private sector. Working with large international corporate clients has been one of Forensic Pathways many successes.

Ben Leary says “We carry out due diligence to mitigate the risk of partnering with an individual or business whose existing or previous activities or relationships may cause legal, regulatory, reputational or financial damage. Our Fraud Investigation service enables fast collection and analysis of evidence to ensure that crucial decisions can be made to stop further losses and reverse engineer the process to make sure lessons are learnt and new procedures put in place to avoid repeat occurrences. Our technical ability in terms of developing algorithms to ask the right questions of data, coupled with a sound ability in digital forensic data recovery, linked with sound investigation skills ensures the Company is able to offer a complete package. Understanding how to get to the data, how to analyse the data and make sense of that data is a core strength of within team.”

“I also believe that we reflect an ethos of doing ‘good business’. We want all our stakeholders to feel valued and feel that they are getting value. Trust, integrity and a commitment to helping shape the future of forensics globally for the protection of others is hopefully what has come through. It is certainly what we aim for.”

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05 Jun

ALIAS Forensic Ballistics collaborating with Forensic Pathways

ALIAS – the next generation of forensic ballistics – attracts EU distribution, technology licensing and product collaboration deal with respected UK criminal and business intelligence company Forensic Pathways

Contract signing at British High Commission in Ottawa, Canada marks first step in powerful alliance between Pyramidal Technologies and Forensic Pathways

Richard Leary & Ardavan

Left to right:  Richard Leary, MBE, Managing Director, Forensic Pathways Ltd, UK and Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies Ltd

Ottawa, Canada – May 31, 2013 – Thanks to help from UK Trade & Investment, Pyramidal Technologies Ltd., creators of ALIAS, the next generation in forensic ballistics, has inked a strategic agreement with Forensic Pathways Ltd. Signed at the British High Commission in Ottawa, the agreement covers ALIAS product distribution throughout the European Union (EU), technology licensing, and ongoing collaboration to advance the state of the art in crime scene innovations that help solve gun crimes on both a national and international scale. The companies estimate that the market size within EU countries for this technology is $250 million.

ALIAS builds visually rich 3D cartridge case and bullet images, then provides powerful tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, adjustable light source illumination and axis orientation. Its product roadmap will now include proprietary image processing technology from Forensic Pathways created by that company’s multi-disciplinary team of computer science, optics, mathematics and photonics experts. Forensic Pathways’ unique software solutions in the area of criminal and business intelligence are patented in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. The company’s diverse client base includes top-level security agencies such as EUROPOL, New Scotland Yard and many other security organisations and private companies across Europe.

Forensic Pathways Managing Director Richard Leary, MBE, conceived the ODYSSEY project. The project, which ran from 2008 to 2011 and reported directly to the European Commission, involved research on the sharing of information about gun-crimes throughout the EU in order to combat organised crime and terrorism.

 “When we saw ALIAS in action, we immediately noted the synergies between our technologies and were thoroughly impressed by ALIAS’s capabilities. After further due diligence, we then quickly undertook to secure distribution rights to introduce ALIAS to security organisations thoughout the EU,” said Leary. “We will also be integrating our advanced image search technology to further improve ALIAS, and have identified several future possibilities to bolster ALIAS with newer technologies we are currently commercializing.”

Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies, is thrilled with the market expansion and technology collaboration plans underway with Forensic Pathways. “I have long admired Forensic Pathways’ software expertise as well as its long history as a trusted partner to European security organisations and we see many opportunities to incorporate its software to establish unambiguous and unequivocal gun crimes evidence for prosecutors,” he said. “I can’t think of a better partner to advance the cause of ALIAS in the European market for forensic ballistics systems.”

UKTI & High Commission

Left to right:  Brendan McManus, UKTI Trade Officer; Corin Robertson, Acting British High Commissioner to Canada; Richard Leary, MBE, Managing Director of Forensic Pathways Ltd; and Ardavan Tajbakhsh, Chief Technology Officer of Pyramidal Technologies Ltd

ALIAS Product Description

ALIAS is a full 3D imaging, correlation, visualization and confirmation system that builds visually rich 3D cartridge and bullet images, then provides powerful software tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and adjustable light source and axis orientation.

ALIAS image data is captured by the world’s finest Swiss-built, application-specific interferometer, then processed with a thoroughly modern 64-bit computing and application architecture that rapidly defines 3D data with patented algorithms and methodologies.

A human hair measures approximately 100 microns wide. ALIAS’s 3D cartridge images offer resolution of 2 microns, or 1/50th the diameter of a single human hair. This unsurpassed level of accuracy produces infinitely better results that vastly reduce the time it takes firearms examiners and technicians to complete their analysis.

To save even more time, ALIAS’s straightforward three-step imaging/correlation/confirmation protocol promotes simple operation, quicker ramp-up times, and less margin for error. ALIAS also allows law enforcement agencies to easily export 3D scans and associated demographic data to other visualization packages or departmental systems to ensure maximum compatibility with present and future systems in use by other agencies around the world.

More than the technology is revolutionary. Starting at $135,000 for its Data Entry Station, ALIAS is aggressively priced against competitive offerings. Pyramidal Technologies is taking ALIAS orders now with a three-month delivery time. Five annual support cost options range from zero cost for law enforcement agencies with available IT resources, to platinum coverage that includes 24/7 support and two-hour response time.

About Pyramidal Technologies Ltd.

Pyramidal Technologies Ltd. is an advanced technology company dedicated to transforming the forensic ballistic imaging industry with ALIAS. As a market-driven organization with a proprietary technology base, the company’s goals are to establish a new standard in forensic ballistics imaging and identification, and to be proactive around shared interests, purposes and values in delivering solutions that can support civil societies. For more information, please go to www.pyramidaltechnologies.com.

About Forensic Pathways Ltd.

Forensic Pathways is an international award winning company headquartered in the UK with an international distribution network, including an Australasia office based in Perth, Western Australia.  The company specialises in the development of unique software solutions in the area of criminal and business intelligence.  Its client base is diverse, providing technology and services to the security and law enforcement markets, along with governments, lawyers, finance industries, banks and insurance groups.  It holds a number of Patents within Europe, the US and Australia and has won a number of awards for innovation culminating in the Orange National Business Awards 2009.  It is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact on Corporate Social Responsibility.

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